2020 Hajj & Umrah Packages
Hajj Travel Tips


• Visit your doctor to make sure you are of health to take this journey. If you require medication daily, are high-risk for dehydration or exhaustion, or have trouble walking long distances, this journey maybe dangerous.

• Have your Mofa Check with you it should be stapled to your passport. • Appropriate Vaccinations should also be stapled to your passport.

• Bring two(2) copies of your passport and hajj visa with you.

• Have your ID card with you, if you do not have your ID card, then have your Hajj Package memorized, along with the names of the hotels you are staying in Makkah & Madinah

• You should know where you will be staying during your journeys and at what times you have meals and what your meal plan is throughout.

• Have a list of Phone numbers you will need on your journey (Al-Quds Hajj Emergency Line, Hotel Phone’s, Group Leader & Imam Contact information.)

• Bring an unlocked phone with you. If you can obtain a Saudi Sim Card before departure please do so, otherwise purchase one at the airport.

• Understand how to contact Saudi Phone’s from USA (011-966-5) then number. Within Saudi, (05) then local number.

• Do not Pack any Valuables or Medicine in your larger luggage.All medicine should be with you at all times.

• If you can, do not bring any valuables with you, they can be lost or stolen and if you are rooming with multiple people personal safes are not always available.

• Please pack light, excess clothing will wear you down.

• Bring a carry on bag with you to carry items you will need for Manasek. This Bag should be with you at all times. It should contain Medicines, 2-3 days clothing and water.


• If you are arriving at Jeddah Airport, and not continuing on to Medinah, please make sure you are wearing your Ihram. (they can be purchased online, or for certain packages they will be provided to you.)

• Arrive at the airport with a fully charged unlocked cell phone. If you require a Sim Card, purchase one at the airport.

• Call the Al-Quds Hajj Airport provided to you. If you do not have the number, please call the Al-Quds Hajj Emergency Line. Please be prepared with your Flight number, Airline, Package number, and hotel destination.

• Should airport staff take your luggage from you, please follow it. The airport staff works with the Saudi Govt. Make sure your luggage was placed on the vehicle you are taking to the hotel.

• While on the bus or other vehicle to your hotel, there maybe stops at other hotels. Be aware at each stop and watch the luggage being removed. Please look out for your luggage as it maybe accidentally removed.


• Upon arrival to hotel seek out your Al-Quds Hajj Rep.

• If you are not travelling with your group, then you should call the Al-Quds Hajj Hotel Rep, or the Al-Quds Hajj Emergency Line, prior to arrival at hotel.

• Once you receive your room key and enter your room, do not be surprised to aind your roommates already there. The bonds created between roommates are some of the more memorable aspects of your journey.

• At this point you should seek out your group leader. If you do not have his number, please aind your Al-Quds Hajj Hotel rep and ask him for your group leader’s room number and phone number.

• Within 24 hours of arrival you should have contacted your group leader, given him your information. He will be your main source of information for all of the next steps to come.

MANASEK (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifah & Aziziah)

Pack a light bag that has essential (clothing, medicine, liquids, sunscreen etc.) It is important you travel light moving from location to location during this journey.

• It is essential to stay hydrated during this period. You should be drinking plenty of water before and during each journey.

• There are meals served during manasek, frequency and meal type depends on package purchased. Generally, the meals are heavier during key days of manasek you should portion control. We suggest bringing energy bars on days when you are expecting longer walks.

• Pack comfortable walking shoes when you are not in Ihram.

• Do not leave for Jamarat without your group leader or without someone who knows the way there and back.

• Should you get lost, please make sure you have a working cell phone. Call your group leader, or pick a known location near you and rest there. Do not attempt to walk back until you are rested and fully hydrated.

• Due to the difficulty of getting vehicles in and out of Mina, especially for the economy programs, please be prepared to walk to your camp from wherever you are.

• Always know your camp number upon arrival to Mina.

• When in Arafat avoid going to Masjid al Namirah, it is a very hot and crowded journey.

• Bathroom lines can be very long try to use the bathrooms in the evening to avoid longer wait times.


• Before any departure talk to your group leader or an Al-Quds Hajj Rep as to what the appropriate steps to take with your luggage. Often Luggage is brought down to the hotel lobby the evening before and loaded unto a luggage truck.

• Signs should be available with your group # as to when and where to place your luggage.

• If the bellman took your luggage for you, you should always go to the lobby to make sure your luggage is in the correct location.

• Bus Rides are long and tiring, if you get motion sickness bring Dramamine.

• You should also pack a sweatshirt (the A/C can make the bus cold) reading materials to pass the time. We recommend a neck pillow if you are planning on sleeping, and possibly noise cancelling headphones.

• Never board a bus unless an Al-Quds Hajj Rep or your group leader direct you to it.

• Always look around for familiar faces from your group to make sure you are on the correct bus.

• Most Importantly bring your patience, the bus rides can be very long and the wait for the bus to arrive can be long as well.

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